• Marwaan Fredericks

Everyone's purpose is the same!

Hey you beautiful human beings.

If an apple tree grew oranges would you trust it? In other words, if an apple tree tried to do anything else would we reap the benefits of what it has to offer? Probably not. Yet there are so many of us walking upon this earth doing jobs and tasks which are not true to the essence of our being. Most of us believe that our life purpose is about doing something. We believe that we would offer the most value to our life through our actions. We live very much in a doing culture. We are therefore constantly faced with questions such as: “Am I doing the right thing?”, “Am I doing it well enough?”, “What is it that I need to do to find my purpose?” The truth is while doing is important it is only second to being. Have you ever felt that your day is filled with doing yet you still feel unfulfilled? That is because your life purpose is not about doing, it is about being.

Your purpose is to be your truest self. Every human being is born with an innate inner sense that is there to help guide them to becoming the truest version of themselves. This innate inner sense is called intuition. If we pay attention we know when we are true to ourselves and when we are not. But we often choose to ignore our feelings, we numb ourselves to our intuition, we suppress that which we truly know ourselves to be. Instead we choose our path out of fear, or our understanding of what tradition, culture and religion demands of us to do. Living your life purpose brings the ultimate fulfillment. Fulfillment has nothing to do with doing. Fulfillment comes through the experience of being your true self freely in the world, and bringing that to everything you do. When you bring who you are to what you do, you become something else entirely. Society has always conditioned us to believe that we need to focus on that which we need to do in order to have that which we desire, then we will be someone in society, we will have social status. We need to look at it from the other end of the spectrum. Firstly focus on being, that will determined what it is we need to do, then we will have that which we desire. If you focus on doing you will miss the adventure of unfolding your nature in the world. You will wander down paths that do not reflect your true nature. Paths that feel empty and unfulfilling. If it feels like something is missing then it is very possible that what is missing is the true you. You would have existed but not truly lived. Your life purpose is not about being anyone else, or doing what anyone else does. It is about freeing your nature and being truly and uniquely you. We often believe that in order to find happiness, peace, love and all the treasures of a good life, we must do something to achieve these goals. We quietly fear that we are not doing the right things or we are not doing enough. The doing journey is a life journey which focuses on doing at the expense of being. The doing journey begins in search of treasures. These treasures include; happiness fulfillment, peace, love, creativity, success, security, etc. If you are on your doing journey you did so believing that the right amount of doing would earn you the treasured rewards. The truth is that these treasures are not things to get as a result of doing. They are rather experiences of being. You cannot do joy nor do creativity. You can only be joyful and be creative. Even success is an inner experience rather than external trophy. As long as you give the power of success to something external it will never be within you. We should not be wondering what it is we need to do to obtain our treasures, but rather who it is that we need to be to experience our treasures. The answer to the question is quite simple. You need to be you. Life however never taught you this. Life taught you that if you wanted to be happy, successful, confident, worthy and loved that you needed to do certain things and you needed to do them well. As a child you were measured by what good things you did, as a parent by the number of good actions that are visible. We often measure our partners by how much or how little they do for us; the woman’s worth reduced to an action such as cooking. Employees are measured by what and how well they do something. We really need to see people for who they are. When you on a doing journey you are constantly measured by the outer world. You subject your freedom to the judgement and opinions of others. Your self-esteem becomes completely at the mercy of the doing mind set and therefore subjected to what others may think of you. This is so deeply ingrained within us that we equate not doing enough to not being good enough. We take our externally measured worth and we internalise it. This leaves us with the most painful human experience and that is the experience of being powerless. We associate power with doing and when we cannot do we feel powerless and defeated. We lose our sense of Purpose. So while I may not know you, this is what I know about you. That there is an essential nature within you, greatness within you, a favour bestowed within you, an innate sense to just be uniquely you, secretly waiting to see the light of day. Allow this light within you to shine through and it will free the happiness waiting inside of you. The greatest thing about being you is that it allows you to feel happy about yourself now, not later. It is a lot easier to be you and swim downstream than it is to be what you think others want you to be and swim upstream. So while our purpose of being the truest version of ourselves may be the same for all, what we uncover about ourselves is uniquely different. It is this difference we bring to the world to make a difference. You are the treasure so be the treasure. Remember there is nothing greater than yourself. So perhaps we should not search for greatness and success outside of ourselves but we should look inside of ourselves. The power to create and attract external success lies greatly in your ability to be successful on the inside. Your external world reflects back to you the inner experience of who you are. Be you, because that’s who the world needs you to be. Live the truest version of yourself #empower #purpose #findingpurpose #motivation #inspiration #selfdevelopment #personaldevelopment #selfhelp #lifecoaching #followme #blog #motivationalblog #believeinyourself #justbe #freedom #expressyourself #unleashyourpower Ref: Page, C. (2011). Apple Tree Empower 101. Inner Life Skills.

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