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  • Zainab Ebrahim

There’s a pill for that…

We all experience some emotional highs and lows. When we reach a point where the lows seem to be a natural state of being, we know deep within that we are headed for trouble. So, we continue day to day thinking its normal to feel sad, drained and in some cases depleted.

What happens to us when we leave this unchecked is that we start feeling it physically. And only when we start feeling unwell physically, do we start to take notice. Perhaps it’s the stiff neck and shoulders, or lower back pain, as it is signally, that our minds are stressed or obsessing over certain events or perhaps thoughts of past events or future events that we conjure up as worst-case scenarios. The ever-popular what if, or “if she reacts like this then I’m going to say that”. Its quite humorous if you actually think about it as you become aware and catch your thoughts.

Although we can laugh about it once it is brought to our awareness, the sad truth is that so many of us, are not even aware that our thoughts are affecting us physically. In extreme cases the constant thoughts eating at us, eventually manifests physically as something eating us from within, like the big C word, Cancer. When I deal with a client that has Cancer, my question typically is, “So what’s eating at you?”. Low and behold there’s a story. I mean we all have our “story” which we carry with us like it’s a part of who we are. The truth is its only an event, and does not define who we are. The more we think about it however, the more we talk about it, the more life we give it and the more we relive it. I’m not saying that we should just push it aside or forget about it, not at all, as undealt issues will always be there affecting us in some way. What I am saying is it is very possible to deal with these events in a very healthy wholesome way, with amazing results in a very short time. All that is required is that you are willing and open minded to see it through. But that’s a story for another time.

The message I do want to share, is to make you aware that we are not only physical beings. We have been conditioned to believe we are, hence going to the medical doctor when you are physically unwell is absolutely natural and recommended. The queue at the pharmacy, are accepted as just so normal.

Just reading the title, makes us think of Disease and all the pills available on the market today, that can offer relief.

Interesting Fact- The global market for pharmaceuticals reached $1.2 trillion in 2018, up $100 billion from 2017, reaching $1.5 trillion by 2023, according to Pharmaceutical Commerce.

Most severe or Chronic illnesses are a lifelong commitment to medication, and all the related costs associated to that commitment. What if however, we may be treating the symptoms and not the cause?

Interesting Fact no 2- Research has shown that 85% of illnesses are emotionally based (Centre of Disease Control- CDC- United States of America).

The truth is we made up of 4 elements, Physical, Spiritual, Mental and Emotional. If all 4 of these aspects are in balance, everything in our life works. When they are out of balance however, we reach a state of Dis-ease, or Disease as we know it. Our bodies are the barometers of the soul. Usually when we experience physical symptoms, we are undergoing some form of stress, which causes us to be stuck mentally, and feeling down and drained emotionally. Only when this shows up physically, do we take notice. This is because our bodies are screaming at us, saying, wake up, pay attention, and address your emotional and mental imbalances before you cause permanent harm. The sad truth is that most of us do not listen to our bodies. All we do is treat the symptoms and that’s it.

If we are not only physical beings, why are we only treating the physical symptoms? Why is it ok to go to a “Professional” GP, when we are physically unwell, but see it as “something is wrong with me” if I need to see a Therapist or Life Coach, to address my mental and emotional symptoms, and get to the root cause of all my Dis-ease?

We have been so conditioned to believe that by addressing our emotional or mental aspects, and by mental, I mean unhealthy ways of thinking, that we are then mentally unstable. We need to open our minds and think for ourselves. We know exactly when we are not well emotionally. Our minds are on autopilot, replaying past experiences over and over. Or possible future worst-case scenarios over and over. The result is we feel physically drained, we feel tense, irritable, snappy, all physical symptoms, which proves all these aspects are related and can only show up physically in most cases, as it affects the body ultimately.

We are social beings, with complexities beyond our understanding, fulfilling so many roles daily. We have multiple relationships, experiencing joys and hurt, varying emotions from happiness in one moment and sadness in another. We experience expectations, disappointments, trauma, lack of trust, all things we believe are outside of ourselves. Always blaming someone else, for how we are feeling. It’s always him or her, and if only that was not done or said to me, I would be ok.

What we need to realise is that by blaming, we are in fact giving our power away. The more we do this, the weaker we feel in all aspects of our lives. When we accept responsibility for our lives, responsibility for how we feel, how we react, how we respond, we stand in our power. The result is that we find our truth, who we really are, what we are capable of and the uncovering of the magnificent way of being as a result. Imagine a life where you are in balance, where everything works, your health, your spirituality, your emotional and mental wellbeing just works in harmony? Imagine a life where you are able to handle anything that comes your way, and feel great, calm, capable of handling anything?

The truth is, it is possible. The pill for that, you may ask? Well here it is!

PILL = Personal introspective life lessons

When we look within, when we are open to exploring our emotional past, healing is possible. As the saying goes, Happiness is an inside job. By being open to this, we allow the right professional to assist us on our Journey. Perhaps we attract the perfect mental mastery course, that just clarifies everything you have ever wondered about or misunderstood. Or you connect with a friend or “offload buddy”, as I like to call it, that offers the support needed to realise your true worth. Or you end up chatting to someone who knows someone else, who has worked with an amazing Life Coach or Emotional wellness coach and experienced a huge transformation.

Healing is possible. All we need to be, is willing and open😊, the rest takes care of itself. All in perfect synchronicity as it should be.

Zainab Ebrahim

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