"There is nothing to fix, only the power inside to set free"

About Us


Unleash Your Power started when we, as two individuals, delved into the world of Life Coaching to assist us in our own personal challenges. Through our growth, uncovering and letting go of everything that has never been ours, we both were on the path of self-discovery, self-actualization and emotional freedom. With the realization that we needed to look inside of ourselves instead of searching outside of ourselves, our truth and purpose was revealed. We are a Life Coaching practice based in Cape Town.

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Head on over to our media section for some very insightful blogs relating to life coaching,  personal development, relationship coaching, marriage counselling and emotional wellness. For those who prefer a listening ear we will have our podcast set up soon

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"I loved working with Zainab as she was very patient & listened when I spoke (never rushing to answer) yet very professional. The sessions allowed me to look at life in a more positive & exciting way." 

- Anonymous

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"I have been doing ‘Journeys’ with Zainab for 2 years now and continue to be awed by the process work, her astute, angelic approach and guidance. Her openness and truth of being speaks to the core of her practice and has absolutely supported ‘awakening me to my own essence". Thank you Angel 😇 '

- Nawaal Galant