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"...She helped me re-gain my sight on my own authenticity and my own inner wisdom which has really helped me feel empowered to excel in my career as a young entrepreneurial woman..."

- Erin Knight


Zainab Ebrahim


  • Life Coach

  • Emotional Wellness Coach

  • Certified Journey Practitioner

  • Negative Emotional Therapy Practitioner

  • Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioner – NLP Practitioner

  • Transformation Coach

Greetings beautiful person,


I am Zainab Ebrahim and I am very pleased that you are taking the time to read about me. I love sharing myself with you, given that you may decide to share with me too, so that we can embark on a Journey of self-love, self-discovery, letting go of the past and installing brand new empowering beliefs within you.


I am 42 years of age, a mother of 3 kind and beautiful teenagers, my daughter aged 18 and twin boys aged 16. I love being a part of their growth, as they definitely ensure I am more open minded, allowing them to be their own persons and making me more relevant to the adventures most teenagers face today. I am also the Director of an established retail business and have been co-running this for more than 20 years. This has allowed me to deal with over 100 staff, from different backgrounds and experiences, assisting me in being more accepting of others as well as assisting my staff to be the best they can be, by highlighting their potential and ensuring they are open to new opportunities. With a Diploma in Fashion Design, having had no clue what to do with my life after school, was something to fall back on and more to please my mom, which I gladly did and excelled at it too.


Life has been my greatest teacher and given my vast experience in running a business (an Entrepreneur), with its challenges and being a mom with its adventures, has definitely assisted in my growth as a person. Having very low self-worth, self-love, and self-esteem for most of my younger years, I lived my life basically being a people-pleaser with the belief that I did not matter. I always wanted to be happy and smile from within and found it hard to do so, as this did not come naturally to me. I was not aware that my perception and my past experience had such an impact on my life.


When I eventually collapsed a few years ago, from exhaustion and being emotionally and physically depleted and being diagnosed with anxiety, I experienced the greatest challenge in my life which has also proven to be my greatest gift of self-discovery and growth. This was when I was exposed to a life coach, which literally changed my life. Helping me see my own self-worth, inner power and abilities, I fell in-love with myself for the very first time, as well as finding my true passion in life. The saying goes, when you truly accept yourself you become beautiful.


I then embarked on my Journey Practitioner's program as well as completing my life coaching certification. During this period I was exposed to many teachers and having had the privilege of being mentored over the years, has allowed me to gain valuable knowledge and experience.


Having worked with many clients, with life changing and impactful results, I am ready and so willing to assist you to uncover your passion and true value in a safe, confidential and non judgemental environment.  Whether you just need some advice, or want to let go of the past and live in true emotional freedom, want to be the best version of yourself and live your best life, I can assist you in unleashing your power within.


Anything is possible, all you need is within you, learn to trust yourself and soar.

Our Story


Unleash Your Power started when we, as two individuals, delved into the world of Emotional Wellness to assist us in our own personal challenges. Through our growth, uncovering and letting go of everything that has never been ours, we both were on the path of self-discovery, self-actualization and emotional freedom. With the realization that we needed to look inside ourselves instead of searching outside ourselves, our truth and purpose was revealed.

With great excitement and enthusiasm, we partnered up, allowing a fresh and empowering male and female perspective on living life to the fullest.


Unleash your power was born, as a result of aligning our purpose and vision of assisting others to stand in their truth and uncover their true potential by clarifying these 3 questions…

Our Why...


To inspire self-love and healing for all of humanity. At Unleash Your Power everything we do is based on the belief that everything you want you already possess. We believe in inspiring you to live your truest self, in thinking differently and in acknowledging the power within you. There is nothing to fix only the power inside to set free.

Our How...

The manner in which we inspire you to be your truest self, to think differently and to access your power within you, is through offering services which are inspiring, fun and empowering.

Our What...

We happen to be in the business of emotional wellness coaching with all the tools available to assist you to Unleash Your Power. Contact us for one-on-one coaching, join our group coaching workshops or book us for one of our insightful talks with a new perspective.




"I found the coaching very beneficial as Marwaan has guided me in clarifying what direction I want to take in my career choice. He helped me do this by using methods to help me recognise it myself"

- Fatima Karjieker

Marwaan Fredericks

  • Life Coach

  • Emotional Wellness Coach

  • Emotional Intelligence Coach

  • ILS Enneagram Coach - Personality Profiling

Hi, I’m Marwaan, 39 years old.


Growing up I was fortunate to be exposed to sports such as swimming, running, cycling, and triathlon and much later in life scuba diving. I took up scuba diving when I started working and I could actually afford it. My love for endurance sports has always played a huge part in my life. It has lead me to finish many marathons, a permanent Two Oceans Ultra Marathon number, two Comrades Marathons and four Ironman triathlons. As much as I loved these sports I never really knew what I wanted to do with my life. It was only in my final year of school that I gave it some serious thought with regards to what I wanted to do as a career. I realised at that point in time while school taught me a lot about everything else it taught me nothing about myself. So I never really knew who I was, and if I never knew who I was then how was I going to know what it is that I wanted to do. I needed to choose something and I chose to study IT.


After completing my Bachelor’s Degree in Technology and graduating cum laude, I spent 11 years in the Corporate IT Industry as a Software Developer. IT though never quite felt like the right fit for me even though it gave me everything I wanted, car, house and travelling. Something was off and I always had this feeling that I needed to do something more. I needed to feel more fulfilled.


It was much later in life when I did my third Ironman triathlon that I did the race that changed my life. I was planning on going quicker than I have gone before and I had big goals as I was training for the race. Three months prior to the event I was diagnosed with major depressive disorder. My whole world felt like it came crumbling down on me. My plans for the race had been derailed. From wanting to do really well to doubting I would even make it to the start line. I somehow managed to put it together and still competed at the event. Till today it is still my quickest time at the Ironman. I learnt many lessons that day. One of the lessons was that I needed to focus on being me.


Later that same year, I decided to take three weeks leave from work to complete my Instructor Training Course in scuba diving. I was only three days into my course when I received a phone call that I was being retrenched, there was no prior warning. The message was simple, ‘Please don’t come back to work’. I had lost everything within a very short space of time. What was I to do with myself or was this an opportunity to do what I was meant to do from the very beginning?    


It was only after this time that I decided to follow my passion of changing peoples’ lives. I managed to do this by qualifying as a PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer and began teaching diving to the local and international community. This however was not enough and I having been a qualified personal trainer and sports and conditioning coach, took my skills and experience in the world of endurance sport and began coaching individuals in triathlon, running, swimming and cycling. I had done what others said I could not do. I turned my hobbies into a career and with it had a profound effect on peoples’ lives. I measured my success not by the number of people that followed me but by the effect I had on peoples’ lives. It therefore has been a natural progression for me to move into the life coaching space. The one thing that diving, personal training and life coaching have in common is that it gifts you the opportunity to change peoples’ lives. It just happens to be through a different medium. Life my dear friends, does not happen to you, nor does it happen for you, it happens from you. Be the individual you know you are. Allow nothing to stand in the way of that. We are masters of our own fate.

I am now walking in my truth. I did it when I stopped trying to find my passion by trying to find what it is I needed to do. I changed my thinking and focused on who I needed to be, and who I needed to be was me.