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"...She helped me re-gain my sight on my own authenticity and my own inner wisdom which has really helped me feel empowered to excel in my career as a young entrepreneurial woman..."

- Erin Knight


Zainab Ebrahim

  • Relationship Coach

  • Self-Mastery Coach

  • Journey Practitioner

Greetings beautiful person,


Hi I’m Zainab, and let me share a bit about myself with you. Given that you may decide to share with me. If I must be honest life has been my greatest teacher. As far as I can remember I have had an entrepreneurial spirit. Working and developing a retail business way before I was a teenager. Today by the grace of God, that business consists of a staff compliment of over 100 employees. And to top it all off I had to stay true to my role as a mother, as I raised three absolutely amazing kids.

Now you may be thinking this all sounds really great, but like you, I had to deal with many of my own personal challenges and hardships. In fact, I had very low self-worth, self-love, and self-esteem for most of my younger years, I lived my life basically being a people-pleaser with the belief that I did not matter. I always wanted to be happy and smile from within and found it hard to do so, as this did not come naturally to me. I was not aware that my perception and my past experience had such an impact on my life. After years of being a people pleaser and spreading myself thin, I eventually collapsed. I was exhausted, emotionally and physically depleted and at the time just diagnosed with major anxiety. Though I was 37 at the time Doctors told me by body and internal organs was operating like an 80year old.

This was a huge wake up call for me as I realized I cannot navigate through life by being on auto pilot and merely reacting to the world around me. I needed to focus and be more proactive in dealing with my emotional and physical well-being. After receiving so much guidance through an Emotional wellness coach and experiencing the differences it made in my life, I then embarked on my own journey of becoming a certified coach and fulfilling my purpose. It is amazing how those moments where you think you being buried is actually you being planted. I will say this, even when you find your purpose and work towards it, there may be resistance from those around you. But do not expect them to see what you see, do not expect them to join you or have your vision. Because some people still believe that life is not about your happiness. I’m here to tell you it is. And if you believe strongly in it, you will find the people who will support you.

Today I am a coach, specializing in Mental and Emotional Mastery as well as Relationships. I am happily married, living a blessed abundant life, running a coaching practice with my husband and partner.

Our Story


Hi, We Marwaan and Zainab or if you prefer Zainab and Marwaan. Whichever is easier on your tongue. We the Founders of Unleash Your Power, in fact we the Coaches of Unleash Your Power, and we here to make you a thousand times better, your life a hell of a lot easier, and your relationship insanely fulfilling, because that is what we do and that is what you deserve. And lets be real about it, that is exactly why you here and it’s about damn time you showed up. So, if you reading this then let us not beat around the bush. You here because you hungry to grow. You here because you desperately need to let go and heal from your past. You here because you eagerly want to move forward. You here because you and your partner want a happy, fulfilling and magical relationship. You here because not only do you want to save your marriage or relationship but you want to turn it around and feel in love again, better than what it was before. If you here for any of those aforementioned reasons, then it is no fluke that you here. Your arrival is pretty much long overdue.​

Before we even met way before Unleash Your Power was even formed...


We guess you can say we both experienced our fair share of life. From past trauma, abuse, anxiety, depression, divorce and broken down relationships. Fast forward to when we met and exchanged our stories we realized our approach to dealing with our past, personal challenges and faith in a brighter future was the same. We then teamed up as qualified coaches in our respected areas of expertise and formed Unleash Your Power. Together we developed a tried and tested, and dare we say unique methodology, which will heal your past trauma, make life feel so much easier and have your relationships flourishing. We know it works, not just because we went through it ourselves but because of the absolutely amazing results we have seen through the countless individuals, like you, who have gone through our programs and experienced our life changing coaching methodology. We now find ourselves on a mission to share this with the world.

Well, enough about us. We understand that this may get you a little excited, as you ponder on the prospect of being on the verge of something life changing, therefore we want to know about you. And that begins by…clicking here

Our How...

The manner in which we inspire you to be your truest self, to think differently and to access your power within you, is through offering services which are inspiring, fun and empowering.

Our What...

We happen to be in the business of emotional wellness coaching with all the tools available to assist you to Unleash Your Power. Contact us for one-on-one coaching, join our group coaching workshops or book us for one of our insightful talks with a new perspective.




"I found the coaching very beneficial as Marwaan has guided me in clarifying what direction I want to take in my career choice. He helped me do this by using methods to help me recognise it myself"

- Fatima Karjieker

Marwaan Fredericks

  • Relationship Coach

  • Self-Mastery Coach

  • Business Leadership Coach

Hi I’m Marwaan. 


And if you reading this it means you interested in my story, and for that I’m flattered.  Normally these kinds of stories are filled with past traumatic experiences or hardships. And to be fair to everyone, I think we all have had periods in our life where things were really challenging, or days which seemed like all we were doing is trying to build a strong character, because we just trying to stay afloat emotionally and mentally due to all the damn stress, we put ourselves under.

For me, like you, those periods in my life came in various shapes and forms. From suffering Major Depressive Disorder (having my fair share of therapy), to experiencing great levels of abuse, to being divorced twice, to having everything materially, to losing everything in a wink of an eye. Where I was forced to move and live in a little room sleeping on the floor, having borrowed a little camping fridge because I just didn’t have anything else. So yes, we all have experienced great challenges and hardship at various points in our life. But I prefer to share with you how I managed to overcome those challenges.

Ultimately it began with me, in the same way that your story begins with you, at some point I realized I needed to take responsibility for where I was and everything that had occurred. In that way I would steer towards a much brighter future. Back then I could have easily fallen into the trap of blaming others and questioning why these things are happening to me. I could have easily identified with my story, that, that is who I am, but in reality, they were just experiences.

It was when I took responsibility and stopped the blame game that my life changed. I was not condoning any injustices others did to me but I was taking responsibility in terms of what I wanted my life to look like. I took responsibility for my situation at that point in time. The rest as they say is history. Ultimately this led me to coaching where my focus is Self-Mastery and Relationship Coaching. I guess you can say your failures leads you to success. As I am happy with who I am (Self-Mastery) and absolutely happily married and empowering others to be the same within their relationships through our coaching practice.