They bring something really unique to the table...

His calm nature and genuine interest in those he interacts with creates a trusting environment.

Her presence brought this immediate calmness and contentment...

... I am living in awareness and acceptance.

Zainab's energy has consistently assisted me to try to relax and reach the depths of my soul, to uncover numerous cell memories associated with my previous unhealthy behaviours and self limiting patterns. I am now more aware and able to catch myself. After a year of various Journey processes with Zainab as well with other Journey practitioners, I am living in awareness and acceptance.

- Nokwanda

Look at life
in a more positive and exciting way...

Room 304, 3rd Floor,

Rondebosch Medical Centre

Rondebosch, Cape Town, South Africa


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Marwaan Fredericks

Contact: +27 83 306 2568

Zainab Ebrahim

Contact: +27 82 568 6994


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