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They bring something really unique to the table...

Journey work with Zainab was amazing!

My experience of Journey work with Zainab was amazing!


She created a very comfortable and safe space for me to be vulnerable in and I always felt supported throughout the whole process.


I was able to feel forgiveness, love and a sense of calm and tranquillity through my experience.


She helped me re-gain my sight on my own authenticity and my own inner wisdom which has really helped me feel empowered to excel in my career as a young entrepreneurial woman.


I would highly recommended embarking on a Journey process as the results can be a beautiful transformation.


With all my love and blessings -  thank you Zainab 🙏❤


- Erin Knight

His calm nature and genuine interest in those he interacts with creates a trusting environment.

I have known Marwaan for a while and it is part of his nature to help people develop, understand and be instrumental in assisting them in achieving their goals. I have walked a personal journey with Marwaan and understood my actions and motivation better through reflective interactions with him. His calm nature genuine interest in those he interacts with creates a trusting environment. I have come to consider Marwaan as not only a coach and mentor, but a friend as well.

- Siraj Majiet

Reaching Out to the Sun

I found the coaching very beneficial...

I found the coaching very beneficial as Marwaan has guided me in clarifying what direction I want to take in my career choice. He helped me do this by using methods to help me recognise it myself

- Fatima Karjieker

Her presence brought this immediate calmness and contentment...


Prior to meeting up with Zainab, I could literally feel that my head and thoughts were all over the place. From the moment I met her, her presence brought this immediate calmness and contentment that was heartfelt.

She listened, she guided, but most importantly she allowed me to grieve and let go of the traumatic and abusive childhood memories I was holding onto to. Having previously battled to let go and accept my past, but my sessions with Zainab set me free. I was able to grow, learn and accept that my past was not a negative reflection of who and what I am but instead by the mercy of The Almighty it has helped shape me to the person I am today. Not passing blame, forgiving, being grateful, moving forward with an open mind and believing in God's plan was my saving grace. Loving me, forgiving me, and holding me close to me was the result.


Thank you Zainab, for all you are and all you do.

Much love and prayers for your wings to capture many more angels.

- FJ

Life Changing...


The sessions was life changing...I'm looking (firstly at myself)and at the world differently. I think it teachers you to firstly bring yourself towards yourself before tackling everything else. You are an excellent facilitator and I'm sure it's going to be life changing for every soul you going to facilitate like it was for me (through the Grace of the Almighty).  


- Fatima Hamdulay

... I am living in awareness and acceptance.
Orange Blossom

Zainab's energy has consistently assisted me to try to relax and reach the depths of my soul, to uncover numerous cell memories associated with my previous unhealthy behaviours and self limiting patterns. I am now more aware and able to catch myself. After a year of various Journey processes with Zainab as well with other Journey practitioners, I am living in awareness and acceptance.

- Nokwanda

I loved working with Zainab as she was very patient & listened when I spoke (never rushing to answer) yet very professional. The sessions allowed me to look at life in a more positive & exciting way.

- Anonymous

Look at life
in a more positive and exciting way...
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