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As light as a feather...

Updated: Jan 14, 2021

A client recently sent me this exact picture…with these words…” this is your aura”.

What she meant was that I appeared so light, like a swan should be my spirit animal (her words), she sent me a picture of that too.

I am sharing this not as an ego boost, but rather at the profound realization this moment offered.

Firstly, it got me so excited as I knew if she saw that in me, she could get to see it in herself too. You see, what you see in others is a reflection of something within you. She could eventually get to realize it and more importantly, actually feel it more and more over time.

I’ve seen many clients walk in, feeling emotionally and physically depleted. You see it in their face, their skin tone appears darker than it should be, the radiance within masked by the low vibrating emotions that are being mentally pumped through their veins and inner being. Their body heavy, shoulders hunched, with a low energy and almost non-existent presence. By non-existent presence, I mean, just not mentally present at all, very much caught up in their story.

Their thoughts focused on the past, like a movie clip on replay, over and over, and over, until eventually, you are so lost in your own mind, and world.

Many of us use our story as a form of identity. Our story is who we are, and we share it with relish, so that others can be amazed at what we went through, or in awe of us actually over coming it, or even the hope of receiving some form of empathy and understanding of why we are the way we are, or why we behave the way we do, its understandable, right? And this then allows us to justify where we are in life.

Yet the simple truth is we are not our story. Once you stop shifting blame and accepting responsibility for your life, you are able to reclaim your power and stand in your truth.

And what is our truth exactly? Well for me it is knowing who you are, knowing your worth, knowing your connection to your source and understanding the power of what this means.

As Buddha says: “Once you realize what you are, there is nothing left, but gratitude and laughter”

Once your soul is ready to move forward, you will know this within. Your body is a servant of the mind. When your body is screaming at you in pain, all the niggles that you are so aware of as the physical reminder of where your mind is at. The low energy levels, causing you to feel drained and depleted, all a constant reminder of your low energy vibrations and the effect of this.

The great news is that it is not all doom and gloom. It should be seen as a gift, the pain, the physical discomfort should be seen as an indicator of what needs to change mentally. The constant negative thought patterns of being stuck is causing your body to follow. This can be changed by taking control of your mind. Our bodies are always sending us messages if we were only open to listen and hear its message.

Why I can easily describe this is because at one point that was me. A life filled with emotional pain, trauma, and my own thoughts of what if, what about worst case scenarios, obsessed about the future and all the fears that go with that.

You see the path to personal growth firstly starts with letting the past go. Many will say, “just let it go”, “forget about it”, when in fact these memories and experiences have become a part of who we are. When one understands how the mind works and that all our memories are stored in our subconscious mind, embedded and ingrained due to the continuous focus on them, we cannot simply just let it go.

Based on the work I do as a Life coach, or more so an emotional wellness coach, I have through my own personal growth and through many sessions of working on my own subconscious, have I been blessed to have had the privilege of truly letting go. Some memories are so traumatic and painful that our mind suppresses them as a means to protect us, as our mind is designed to do exactly that.

Hence in certain cases through our session’s, memories will come up that we were not consciously aware of as they have been suppressed for so long. The results after even just one session is so profound and uplifting as it allows you to deal with the past in a healthy way, filled with forgiveness of others and more importantly forgiveness of yourself.

You see, all forgiveness is self-forgiveness. As you continue on this journey, you will then slowly start to see your own true worth and your own value as you are not carrying negative harmful emotions, such as envy, hate, guilt, sadness, hurt, fear and anger (all of which can be released with Negative Emotional Therapy as well).

The result is a calmer, peaceful inner being, which brings you closer to who you truly are. A spiritual being having a physical experience. A spirit so pure and perfect, so whole and complete, that peace within becomes a natural state of being. What a gift.

The aim of this blog is to highlight that it is easier to grow spiritually and reach higher states of awareness than most people think. I merely wanted to highlight that it is possible for anyone, irrespective of where you are right now in your life.

I do not claim to be spiritually enlightened or that I have a higher level of consciousness than you, however I am merely highlighting the possibility of it all.

Based on the law of polarity, everything has an opposite. So, for every negative thought, there is a positive one. For every low vibration, there is a higher vibration. For every problem, there is a solution.

This fact alone should encourage each one of us to strive to become better, as it is all possible. All we need to do is believe it and follow the prompts, the signs along the way, to get there.

In love and faith always,


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